Wills & Probate

A Will is a legal document, which sets out how you want your estate, which is basically any assets you own at the date of your death, to be dealt with when you die. For a Will to be valid it must be in writing and must comply with certain formalities. A Will only comes into force on your death. A Will shows which beneficiaries you wish to benefit from your estate, it will also state who you have appointed to deal with the administration of your estate (your Executors) and ensures that your Executors have all the necessary powers they need to deal with the administration of your estate. A Will can also show your funeral wishes and who you have appointed as guardians of your minor children. You can make a Will if you are 18 or over and of sound mind, memory and understanding. You are free to deal with your estate as you wish.

At Shire Solicitors we understand that thinking about making a Will is extremely difficult. We do advise all clients to either make a Will of if they have one, to ensure it is kept up to date after significant changes occur in their lives such as marriage, divorce and the buying and selling of property. It’s surprising just how many people don’t have a Will and the complications this can leave for already grieving relatives and friends can cause unnecessary stress. Once a Will has been prepared then you have that peace of mind that your affairs are all in order. We offer a range of Will services including;

  • Lasting Power of Attorney applications both Financial and Health
  • Court of Protection Applications
  • Will disputes
  • Assistance with Probate and Trusts
  • Dealing with an estate when a loved one dies
  • Estate Tax Planning and Protection
  • Trusts

Our Prices start from £240 plus VAT for a basic Will with discounts on Mirror Wills available. We also offer a £10% discount to the Armed Services.  

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